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How your gift will make a difference

Your footprint in
the future

The greatest legacy anyone can leave behind is to positively impact the lives of others. Whenever you add value to other people’s lives, you are unknowingly leaving footprints on the sands of time that live on even after your demise.

Your gift would bring hope, positivity and purpose to many; you would make life better for all people affected by dementia, into the future.

Your gift will be used towards:

Social Work Services

Our social workers visit people affected by dementia at home and support the people affected with grief, loss and adjustment. They also provide information and resources about dementia, share coping strategies and assist with planning for the future. They connect the people with dementia and their carers to therapeutic activity groups and social events.

Support Groups

We have support groups for the carers as well as the people with dementia. Therapeutic activity groups for the people with dementia include gardening, book discussion and art appreciation; offering the opportunity to engage in activities they would have enjoyed pre-diagnosis in a safe and supported environment, preventing isolation and building confidence.

Companions & Transportation

Our volunteers are fully trained and invaluable to our organisation. We have volunteer drivers who offer safe transportation, and our companion volunteers spend a couple of hours per week with a client, offering respite for the carer as well as meaningful activity and friendship for the client. Some volunteers take their clients walking, biking and even swimming, depending on the needs of the client.


An integral part of our services is educating people affected by dementia, the community as well as healthcare professionals about dementia. We provide regular education seminars and our educators can be booked for free community talks. Our aim is ultimately to create dementia-friendly communities through knowledge and awareness.

Raising Awareness

Alzheimers Canterbury challenges attitudes, language and imagery in our society that reinforces stigma by promoting the voices of people with dementia to be heard and educating the public about living well with dementia. It is very important to realise people can live well with dementia.

Note that we do not invest in medical research, but we do engage in social research evaluating outcomes of our therapeutic groups to ensure we are fulfilling our clients’ needs and making a positive difference to their lives.

"The people at Alzheimers Canterbury make sure you don’t feel left alone. They help you connecting with people with the same challenges and they give you confidence and motivation to get out and get active." 
Person with Dementia

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